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Maximizing Your Walk-in Closet Space: Tips From a Professional Closet Builder

Organizing Your Walk-in Closet: Strategies for Maintaining a Clutter-Free Space

The extra space provided by a walk-in closet is unquestionably beneficial to wardrobe organization. However, if it is not well designed, you may miss out on the benefits. Misplaced items, damaged shoes and handbags, and clutter on floors and shelves can all result from a poorly planned walk-in closet. Not to mention the time you’ll waste looking for items that will inevitably end up pushed into a corner. Learn how to organize a walk-in closet using the best walk-in closet builder tips.

Create a boutique feel

A walk-in closet is a luxury that should be appreciated. Create a boutique look to fully embrace the space. A splash of color in the wallpaper, a plush seat, and an ornate mirror all contribute to a lovely and relaxing atmosphere. Arrange shelves in a store-like fashion by alternating shoes, hats, and bags. When you like the way your closet looks, you’re more likely to keep it organized. You can also think of it as your own personal getaway in your own home—a place to unwind and enjoy getting ready for the day.

Double up to maximize space

Don’t let the vertical space in your walk-in closet go to waste. Use a double-rod closet organizer to take advantage of your closet’s height. Install an upper and lower bar in your closet, then hang clothes according to length and style. Keep your blouses, cardigans, and tank tops on the upper bar, and your pants and dresses on the lower bar.

Declutter and donate

The first rule of a newly organized closet is to clear out the clutter. We’re all guilty of clinging to clothes that are worn out, no longer fit, or were never our style, to begin with. Why would you allow something like that to take up valuable closet space? Take a good look at your closet and start sorting out your favorite pieces from your pieces, then donate anything in good condition. Trust us when we say you’ll feel like a weight has been lifted afterward.

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