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From the Cabinet Maker’s Workshop: Maintenance Tips to Extend Your Cabinet’s Lifespan

How to Care for Your Cabinets: Maintenance Tips from a Cabinet Maker

If you’ve recently installed new kitchen cabinets, you’ll undoubtedly want to make them last for years. Fortunately, maintaining your cabinets is simple and requires little effort or planning. All you need are a few common household cleaning supplies to get your cabinets clean and beautiful. The following are some tips from a professional cabinet maker on how to care for your newly installed kitchen cabinet.

Don’t soak your cabinets

Although most cabinets are water resistant, too much water can cause damage, especially to wood cabinets. Excess moisture can cause swelling, and water residue, especially in older painted kitchens, can cause paint to flake. Instead of soaking and drying your cabinets, simply wring your cloth before wiping them down – you never want your cloth to be so wet that it drips! You should also dry your cabinets after cleaning them because any moisture or cleaning product left on them can leave an unsightly residue. To avoid this, use a microfibre cloth to dry them.

Continually clean

Once every three days, you should clean all kitchen cabinets and knobs. If you clean your kitchen regularly, it will be a lot more effort for you each time you do it. The reason behind this is that surface stains have had time to develop and solidify. Cleaning your kitchen cabinets regularly will help to prevent the accumulation of tenacious stains that cause discoloration.

Harsh chemical cleaners should be avoided

Abrasive elements in chemical cleaners can wear down your kitchen cabinets. If you scrub hard enough and keep your kitchen cabinets clean, you won’t need a harsh chemical cleaner to remove stains. Cleaning chemicals containing ammonia will damage your wood finish and cause your cabinets to age prematurely. If you need to remove harsher chemicals from door handles or cabinet knobs, spray them onto a rag and then carefully apply them over knobs, making sure the chemicals do not come into contact with the wood surface.

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